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Right People , Right Solution

Jiblah Public Services Company

Jiblah Public Services Company is a Kuwaiti company specialized in providing recruitment services and consultancy and bringing competent human resources from all countries of the world. Among its activities, bringing the specialized professional labor to its customers.

The company has a great experience in its field of work, as it was founded since 2008 to serve its valued customers, gentlemen and ladies, business owners and managers of employment in various economic and commercial activities and companies and institutions in the Arab world in general and the Arabian Gulf and the State of Kuwait in particular, and in order to serve researchers from companies operating in the above-mentioned countries in finding skilled and trained labor according to their needs.

As we fully provide the required competencies that have scientific qualification and practical experience, we are perfectly willing to supply the competencies of the required workers and from all specialties to all customers, as we provide these competencies in accordance with the client's demands and within the best functional advantages of various governmental, non-governmental, private, and all companies and institutions in various fields of engineering, medical, academic, educational, administrative, financial and banking, technical and technical, in order to meet the needs of the labor market at the exact time and place with the highest possible degree of accuracy and transparency.